Accepting New Clients!

What Companies spend ADVERTISING on TV is wasted. Short sighted with their vision, out of touch product managers are currently missing what pulls in the newest market, the IGeneration. Individuals who have grown up with Eccommerce giants like Ebay and Amazon can't be approached like clients of the past. Let us guide you through a marketing strategy that honestly attracts the newest and youngest clients effectively and creates lifelong relationships based on more than just product. With the help of the Julie Six team you will gain build something real.., TRUST.


Bellus Fashion Shoot

This Fashion Show celebrated the graduation of this years students in fields from beauty to massage. Project Details →


Michael Messervy

We are currently launching this talented solo-artist's career with a full service online profile, photography, and video content. Project Details →


Morgan Taylor

This beautiful model doubles as part of our photography staff assisting in make-Up, wardrobe, and scheduling. Project Details →


AJ's Comics

We worked solely on AJ's Comics Website and brought them into the HTML5 age of the internet to ensure compatibility on all devices.View Site →


Web Development

Our staff has been creating websites since the beginning of the the modern internet and stay up-to-date to make sure no one has issues reaching your site.

Social Network Promotion

We also remember a time when handing out flyers was enough. Don't miss out on a single possible customer, fan, or client. The online world will only continue to grow from here.


Our lead photographer Joe-Mario Anthony continues to provide quality and quick returns and is flexible with all kinds of projects.

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