About Us


Julie Six is a branding and promotion company that works on a variety of projects including photography, graphic design, branding, marketing, and web design. We pride ourselves and consistently delivering quality results and look forward to working with you.

We currently specialize in consulting with businesses that are striving to connect more personally with their newest IGeneration audience which requires a much different marketing approach.


Joe-Mario Anthony

Graphic Designer | Photographer

Michael Messervy

Audio Engineer
Part-Time | Contractors

To keep project costs as low as we can we use these individuals for only our larger projects as needed.


Kathryn Kell

Marketing Consultant

Maximo Trucchi


Tanya Horton

Art Director

Morgan Henington

Set Design | Project Management

Buffy Bender

Photography | Set Design

Morgan Taylor

Make-up Artist

Our Philosophy

We believe it is most important to first listen to our clients needs. We ask about intended audience, intent, and specifications before we do any work in order to get a complete understanding of the project. We then Develop a plan that you review in order to ensure our vision meets your ideal. Then we get to work providing you with updates the entire process. All issues that arise are handled with direct communication efficiently. In the end we review the project with you and address any concerns that you may have.

Our Mission

To always provide our clients with quality work we are proud of on budget and on schedule. We take our commitment to our clients very seriously and only take on projects that we have the skills and confidence to complete. We strive to always put our clients needs first and communicate effectively in order to achieve the best results possible.

Our Vision

We believe that when both, Julie 6 and our clients, work with effective communication that we can finish all projects on time, under budget, and with the highest quality.

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